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How To Grow Pot

More and more people these days want to know how to grow pot. Growing your own weed lets YOU choose the best cannabis seeds and your growing method of choice. And you get to learn how to do something awesome!

And it’s really not a huge surprise considering how expensive local connections and dealers are to deal with. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the guys who sell bud are pretty shady, unscrupulous characters who regularly short you. Plus, wouldn’t you like to know exactly what goes into your buds? Who knows what the heck those guys put in!

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Growing pot is a step by step process that takes a little patience and getting used to but if you learn how to do it the right way from the very start, you’ll know how to set up your own grows anytime, anywhere.
So, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose the place where you want to grow your cannabis. Both indoor and outdoor, choosing a good growing spot is vital. You’ll want to try and pick a place that’s separate from the living area, like a closet, basement, attic, spare room, etc. You’ll also need to make sure that the space has electrical outlets or is a spot you’ll be able to run extension cords to. You’ll also want to make sure that the location is pretty well hidden and that nobody ever looks there but you. Ideally, the space will have white walls. If they don’t, you can paint them. You’ll also want to line the floor with something like plastic to avoid water ruining the floor.

While you’re thinking about your grow space and all of the dank nuggets you’ll soon be smoking, lavishing upon your friends or making some extra dough with, you’ll need to germinate your seeds. If you’re starting from saplings, go ahead and skip this paragraph.

Make sure everything is as sterile as possible. Pour mineral water into a little cup and put your seeds in it. Cover the cup with something dark for about a day and store it somewhere warm. On the second day, your seed should have a little sprout coming out of it. That means that it’s germinating and it’s time to put it in some soil. The best thing to do is use the same potting soil that you’ll be using for mature plants so that your little pot plants don’t get shocked when they’re moved to their bigger home. Place your seed with the sprout part facing up in about 1/8” of water and cover it with soil. Water thoroughly and pat yourself on the back for creating new life: you are a god.

I’m sure you’re shocked that part of learning how to grow pot involves actually getting a pot for your pot.

So, once you’ve chosen your special little grow spot, go buy some big planting pots. Plastic pots are fine for this. You’ll want to fill the bottom of the pot with some larger-type gravel to help the plants drain and then use some good potting soil mixed with some sand. Whatever type of container you wind up using, make sure that the bottom has drainage holes. Don’t reuse pots that grew other plants or if you do, make sure to sterilize them with alcohol, bleach or some other disinfectant.

Now you’ll need some lighting. Marijuana, like most any plant, loooooves the sunshine, so you’ll need to emulate the plant’s natural growing conditions to the best of your ability. You can use either fluorescent bulbs, metal halide bulbs or high pressure sodium lights. Fluorescent lights are inexpensive, don’t heat up to a ridiculous degree and last long. Metal Halide (MH) lights cost more but also produce much more light (measured in lumens). MH bulbs also get hot as crap so you’ll need ventilation (more on that soon). High pressure sodium lights are similar to MH lights but don’t get quite as hot.

how to grow pot

Now you can set up your grow in a couple of ways and the two main one are using larger plants with less frequent harvesting or smaller plants with more frequent harvesting. A lot of growers like smaller plants with more frequent harvesting because you can get your weed faster!

Now outdoors, plants have rain, wind, insects, etc., to help remove the waste products that they produce. Indoors, you have to mimic that situation by ventilating your grow space. Most growers use a fan of some sort for this purpose. You can actually use your standard stand-up fan and leave it on 24/7 (if you have the room) or if you’re doing a closet grow, coming in and out a few times a day will actually create enough air circulation for your babies to shed some accumulated toxins. If you’re growing a buttload of plants, you’ll probably need a more rugged setup; thermostat, dehumidifier, etc.

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A lot of growers like to use carbon dioxide (CO2) to increase the hardiness of their plants. Supplementing with CO2 decreases the temperature sensitivity of your pot plants but shouldn’t be used while the plants are flowering.

An integral part of learning how to grow pot involves determining the sex of your plants (if you’re working from seeds).

The way to do this is to turn the lights to 12/12 (12 hours on, 12 hours off) once the plants reach about 8 inches in height . At this point you can grab a magnifying glass and take a gander at each of the flowers to assess the sex of your cannabis plants.

At this point you have the option to hand-pollinate some of the female plants but beware that this means the won’t produce bud! To do this, collect some pollen from the hardiest male plant. Shaking the branches until the pollen falls into a little baggie will do the trick. Now take a brush and swab the lower branches of the female plants with pollen.

Once your plants begin producing that sweet, sticky ambrosial fruit that we call marijuana, set the lights to a 12/12 cycle. Make sure you wait for the flowering to completely finish and then remove the buds carefully. You can either hang-dry or otherwise dry your buds. I prefer to hang-dry because this way the buds aren’t touching anything and rubbing their trichomes (THC crystals) off on the surfaces. After about 3 weeks you’ll notice that you buds have shrunk a good bit (sad, I know!) but they should be ready to smoke, store, look at, smell for an hour or whatever other perverted things you plan to do with your sess.

This was a really basic and incomplete run down of the growing process and if you REALLY want to grow bud the right way, you need to check out the gold standard in grow guides anywhere called “Growing Elite Marijuana”. Click on the link below to peep it.

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This is the new testament on growing by the infamous Ryan Riley, the King of Cannibus Cultivation and there’s no better person to learn how to grow pot from than my boy Ryan, period.